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Our Subject Sections


The subject sections are the very heart of the Society of Legal Scholars. They seek to promote the development of the subject through meetings and discussion, most notably at the annual conference. The subject sections stimulate publication by their members and have an important role to play in formulating the responses of the Society to law reform proposals. Further details are available below. The subject sections of the Society are open to any member who is actively interested in the subject.

The Society currently has 28 subject sections for members with particular interests. These organise seminars, often at the annual conference and on some other occasion during the year. The Secretary of Subject Sections and other officers of the Society hold annual meetings with the Law Commission.

The Society has maintained a good working relationship with the Law Commission since the latter was founded. Members of the Society have contributed to the Law Commission’s work as Commissioners, seconded staff and consultants. The Society, particular subject sections and individual members or groups of members have responded to consultation papers and other consultation documents. The Commissioners meet annually with Officers of the Society, ALT and SLSA to discuss the work of the Commission and how the associations and their members may contribute.

Subject Sections Secretary

The current Honorary Subject Sections Secretary is Professor Nicola Wake. Email: SSS@legalscholars.ac.uk

Subject Sections