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Subject Sections Fund

Please note applications for the Subject Sections Fund 2020 are still welcome; especially for activities that can be carried out virtually if restrictions continue.  Applications can be made by Subject Convenors on a rolling basis.  Please read the below for more information.

This fund has been established to support the development of the Society’s subject sections.  Each year the Society sets aside a fund (currently £20,000) available for subject sections awards in the coming year.

Awards from the fund can be used to organise meetings or support activities of the subject sections, including: to promote the development of the subject and to stimulate discussion of reform proposals (in particular, those emanating from the Law Commissions) and to formulate responses on behalf of the Society.

Applications will be adjudicated upon by the Subject Sections Secretary, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer who may seek advice as appropriate from other members of the Society.  The panel will consider the quality and significance of the proposed activity in advancing the development of the subject. The maximum amount that may be awarded in relation to a particular meeting or activity is £3000.  Funds must be spent within 12 months of notification of a successful application.

Applications for an award from the fund may be made by Subject Convenors on a rolling basis.  Applications must be sent to the Administrative Secretary, by email admin@legalscholars.ac.uk.

Notes for Applicants:

The Proforma Application Form must be used.  If you are awarded a grant you will be required to send a report to the Administrative Secretary, using the Report Form, not more than 18 months after the receipt of the award. This will be published in The Reporter and on the website.  Please use the Proforma Report Form and Claim Form which may be downloaded.