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Former Officers of the Society

Former Presidents

1909-10 Professor H Goudy
1910-11 Sir Alfred Hopkinson, Jenks, FBA KC
1911-12 Dr Blake Odgers, KC
1912-13 Sir John Macdonnell,
1913-14 Dr Henry Bond
1914-15 Professor W R Phillips
1915-16 Sir Ernest Trevelyan
1916-17 Professor A F Murison, KC
1917-18 Professor A Pearce Higgins CBE, KC, FBA
1918-19 Professor H Goudy
1919-20 Professor Edward Jenks FBA
1920-21 Professor Geldart, CBE
1921-22 Mr G H Hurst
1922-23 Professor H D Hazeltine, FBA
1923-24 Professor Sir William Holdsworth OM, KC, FBA
1924-25 Professor J L Brierly, CBE
1925-26 Professor W W Buckland, FBA
1926-27 Rt Hon E Leslie Burgin
1927-28 Professor H C Gutteridge, QC
1928-29 Judge H C Dowdall, QC
1929-30 Professor Sir Percy Winfield, QC, FBA
1930-31 Dr A E W Hazel, CBE, KC
1931-32 Professor J D I Hughes
1932-33 Professor F de Zulueta, FBA
1933-34 Right Hon Lord McNair, CBE, QC, FBA
1934-35 Professor R A Eastwood, OBE
1935-36 Professor R W Lee, FBA
1936-37 Professor H F Jolowicz
1937-38 Professor H A Hollond, DSO, OBE
1938-39 Dr G R Y Radcliffe
1939-46 Judge Raleigh Batt
1946-47 Dean C E Smalley-Baker, QC
1947-48 Dr W T Stallybrass, OBE
1948-49 Professor Sir David Hughes Parry, QC
1949-50 Professor A L Goodhart, KBE, QC, FBA
1950-51 Professor E C S Wade, QC, FBA
1951-52 Mr P A Landon, MC
1952-53 Professor Denis Browne
1953-54 Professor T F T Plucknett, FBA
1954-55 Right Hon Lord Chorley, QC
1955-56 Professor D J Ll. Davies
1956-57 Professor J L Montrose
1957-58 Professor P W Duff
1958-59 Professor H G Hanbury, QC
1959-60 Professor F H Lawson, FBA
1960-61 Professor D Seaborne Davies
1961-62 Professor G W Keeton, FBA
1962-63 Professor A H Campbell
1963-64 Professor O Hood Phillips, QC
1964-65 Professor B A Wortley, OBE, QC, CMG
1965-66 Rt Hon Sir Robert Megarry, FBA
1966-67 Professor J A Coutts
1967-68 Sir Arthur Ll. Armitage
1968-69 Professor Sir Norman Anderson, OBE, QC, FBA
1969-70 Professor Sir Rupert Cross FBA
1970-71 Professor Sir Thomas Smith QC, FBA
1971-72 Professor P S James
1972-73 Professor R H Graveson QC
1973-74 Professor Glanville Williams QC, FBA
1974-75 Professor C F Parker
1975-76 Professor F R Crane
1976-77 Professor L C B Gower, FBA
1977-78 Professor H Street, CBE, FBA
1978-79 Professor W L Twining, QC, FBA,
1979-80 Professor Sir John Smith, CBE, QC, FBA
1980-81 Professor P G Stein, QC, FBA
1981-82 Professor J K Grodecki, OBE
1982-83 Professor P H Pettit
1983-84 Professor Sir Neil MacCormick, QC, FBA
1984-85 Professor L Neville Brown, OBE
1985-86 Professor A L Diamond, QC
1986-87 Professor J A Jolowicz, QC
1987-88 Professor H K Bevan
1988-89 Professor J A Andrews CBE
1989-90 Professor J F Wilson
1990-91 Professor M C Meston
1991-92 Professor Sir Roy M Goode, CBE, QC, FBA
1992-93 The Hon Sir Ross Cranston FBA
1993-94 Professor J G Miller
1994-95 Professor J C W Wylie
1995-96 The late Professor J Tiley CBE, QC, FBA
1996-97 Professor H Beale QC, FBA
1997-98 Professor M Brazier, OBE, FBA
1998-99 Professor J S Bell QC, FBA, FRSA
1999-00 Professor Dame Hazel Genn DBE, QC, FBA
2000-01 Professor J M Thomson
2001-02 Professor R I E Card
2002-03 Professor PBH Birks, QC, FBA
2003-04 Professor J R Birds
2004-05 Professor A Paterson OBE FRSA
2005-06 Professor A M Dugdale
2006-07 Professor Celia Wells, OBE, FRSA, FAcSS
2007-08 Professor Sarah Worthington QC, FBA
2008-09 Professor Fiona Cownie, FAcSS
2009-10 Professor Nick Wikeley
2010-11 Professor David Feldman QC, FBA
2011-12 Professor Keith Stanton
2012-13 Professor Hector MacQueen FBA, FRSE
2013-14 Professor Stephen Bailey
2014-15 Professor Jenny Steele
2015-16 Professor Andrew Burrows QC, FBA
2016-17 Professor Imelda Maher MRIA
2017-18 Professor Peter Alldridge
2018-19 Professor Richard Taylor

Former Honorary Treasurers

1909-15 Professor H D Hazeltine FBA
1915-21 Right Hon Lord McNair CBE, QC, FBA
1921-28 Professor Sir Percy OBE Winfield, QC, FBA
1928-51 Mr P A Landon, MC
1951-60 Trevor C Thomas
1960-63 Professor John F Wilson
1963-71 Professor F R Crane
1971-83 Professor L Neville Brown OBE
1983-2000 Clive A Weston
2000-05 Professor KM Stanton
2005-10 Professor David Miers
2010-15 Professor Peter Alldridge

Former Honorary Secretaries

1909-19 Professor Edward Jenks, FBA
1919-24 Right Hon E Leslie Burgin, MP
1924-38 Professor E C S Wade, QC, FBA
1938-50 Professor D J Ll. Davies
1950-60 Professor L C B Gower, MBE, FBA
1960-63 Professor E R Hardy Ivamy
1963-72 Professor J F Wilson
1972-75 Professor J S Read
1975-81 Professor P B Fairest
1981-89 Professor D B Casson
1989-96 Professor P B H Birks, QC, FBA
1996-2001 Professor D J Hayton
2001-06 Professor N J Wikeley
2006-11 Professor S H Bailey
2011-16 Professor R Taylor

Former Subject Section Secretaries

1991-96 Professor F D Rose
1996-99 Professor D J Feldman
1999-2006 Professor P Sparkes
2006-11 Professor Lucy Vickers
2011-2017 Ms Annette Morris

Former Honorary Editors of Legal Studies

1924-55 Professor H F Jolowicz
1955-62 Professor F H Lawson, FBA
1962-80 Professor J A Jolowicz, QC
1981-93 Professor J A Andrews CBE
1994-98 Professor J Bell FBA
1998-2005 Professor Derek Morgan and Professor Celia Wells OBE
2005-11 Professors N J Wikeley, Rob Merkin, Jill Poole, and Jenny Steele
2011-2016 Professors Imelda Mayer, Fiona de Londras, Blanaid Clarke, C Scott