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Annual Conference Advisory Committee

The President (Chair)
Vice-President Elect
Immediate Past President
Subject Sections Secretary
Honorary Treasurer

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Mr Michael Connolly  Portsmouth  31.12.20
Professor Fiona De Londras  Birmingham  31.12.20
Ms Elisabeth Griffiths Northumbria 31.12.20
Dr Clare Moran Edinburgh Napier 31.12.20
Mr Navraj Singh Ghaleigh (Chair) Edinburgh 31.12.20
Professor Lucy Vickers Oxford Brookes 31.12.20

Please visit the EDI Committee page for more details.

Legal Education Sub-Committee

Professor Stephen Bailey (Chair) Nottingham 31.12.20
Professor Chris Ashford Northumbria 31.12.19
Dr Greta Bosch Exeter 31.12.20
Professor Tamara Hervey Sheffield 31.12.19
Emma Jones Open 31.12.19
Thorsten Lauterbach Robert Gordon 31.12.19
Ryan Murphy Aston 31.12.19
Dr Marie-Luce Paris UCD 31.12.19
Professor Chris Willmore Bristol 31.12.19
Jane Ching (Co-opted) Nottingham Trent

Please visit the Education Committee page for more details.

Libraries Committee

Mr Jules Winterton (Chair) IALS, London 31.12.19
Dr Adaeze Okoye Brighton 31.12.21
Dr Tom Burns Aberdeen 31.12.19
Ms Karen Richmond Strathclyde 31.12.21
Dr Yvonne McDermott Bangor 31.12.19
Dr Emma Roberts Chester 31.12.21

Please visit the Libraries Committee page for more details.

Nominations Sub-Committee

The President (Chair)
The Honorary Secretary
Professor David Feldman Cambridge 31.12.21
Professor Imelda Maher University College Dublin 31.12.21

Research Grants Committee

The President
Professor Raymond Arthur Northumbria 31.12.21
Professor Tamara Hervey Sheffield 31.12.19
Professor Maria Lee (Chair) UCL 31.12.20
Professor Debra Morris Liverpool 31.12.19
Professor Daithi Mac Sithigh Queen’s University, Belfast 31.12.21
Professor Peter Whelan Leeds 31.12.20


NB: This committee was known formerly as the Academic Purposes Fund Committee.

Research Sub-Committee

The President (Chair)
The Honorary Secretary
Professor David Feldman Cambridge 31.12.18
Professor Andrew Burrows Oxford 31.12.19
Professor Catharine McMillan Reading 31.12.19
Professor Imelda Maher UCD 31.12.20

Small Projects and Events Fund Sub-Committee

The President (Chair)
Vice President
The Honorary Secretary
The Honorary Treasurer
Chair of the Legal Education Sub-Committee