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Reports on Brexit and the Law School Seminars

Leaving the EU could have a profound effect on the working lives of legal scholars in the UK. What will it mean for our research (including funding)? What will it mean for the curriculum and EU Law within it, at postgraduate and undergraduate level? What might our student body look like after the UK leaves the EU, and how will that affect the law school? How does the prospect and reality of Brexit affect colleagues?

The Society of Legal Scholars is delighted to have funded six regional events to discuss the impact of Brexit on the law school. To see the reports on the seminars, please click on the links below :

University of Strathclyde: organised by Rebecca Zahn and Nicole Busby

Northumbria University: organised by Guido Noto La Diega

University of Liverpool: organised by Michael Dougan and Tamara Hervey

Swansea University: organised by Victoria Jenkins and Theodora Nikaki

Keele University: organised by Maria Tzanou

University of Bristol: organised by Albert Sanchez-Graells