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The Society holds an Annual Conference in September, at which there are always also meetings of the subject sections. The Annual Conference is something of an institution, and provides an unrivalled forum for networking. Papers are read and discussed at each of the section meetings, and many of these are later published either in the Society’s journal or elsewhere. The Presidency of the Society is an annual office, and the conference is usually held at the home university of the President. Members may reasonably expect their law school to help with the cost of attending.

The Annual Conference not only allows formal consideration to be given to matters of current importance but also provides a unique opportunity for academic lawyers to get to know each other and share information about each other’s law schools, for example, about research and research facilities or about responses to government policy. In difficult times, this exchange of information and these personal contacts are indispensable. Without them, law schools would be weaker and less well co-ordinated in the defence of the vital interests of legal education.

2020 Annual Conference, University of Exeter

1 – 4 September 2020


A message on 14 May 2020, from the SLS President regarding registration fees for the 2020 Annual Conference

Dear Members,

As you know, this year’s SLS conference will be a virtual one. This has enabled us to drastically reduce the fee for attending, and I wanted to share with you what the pricing structure will be.

The early-bird rate for members for the full conference will be £70 (£40 for the half conference, and £25 for a single day). Those registered will have access to all of the papers presented during that part of the conference, as these will be uploaded on to the system and accessible for up to three months following the conference.

There will be a reduced rate for students (£50 for the full conference, £30 for half and £15 for a single day), and those presenting in the graduate track will be able to do so for free.

Booking will open at the start of June – in the meantime there are just two days left to submit an abstract.

I hope that this will enable many of you who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the conference to participate, and look forward to seeing you – virtually! – in September.

Best wishes

Professor Rebecca Probert
President, Society of Legal Scholars 2019/2020


A message on 22 April 2020, from the SLS President regarding the 2020 Annual Conference

After careful consideration, and in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have taken the decision to host the 111th Annual Conference of the Society of Legal Scholars virtually.

With so many other events being cancelled, we felt that it was important for the Society to provide a forum for people to share ideas and work in progress.

In line with our decision we have also extended the deadline for papers until Friday 15 May 2020.

We will keep to the planned format as far as possible, with 14 subject sections in each of the two halves of the conference, and a special set of parallel sessions set aside for PhD students to present their work.

While we expect to resume the conference in its usual form in 2021, going virtual for this year does have a number of advantages.

One is that the timetable is more flexible, so we are considering what additional talks and advice sessions could be built into the programme.

Another advantage is that we will be able to reduce the costs of the event. There will still need to be some charge to cover the cost of the conference package and support, but it will be considerably less than attending the physical conference! We hope that this will help to make the conference as accessible as possible and encourage people to attend virtually who might not have been able to attend in person. Registration will now open in early June, in order to give us time to recalculate the budget and rebuild the registration system.

I very much hope you are able to join us for what promises to be a great virtual event!

Professor Rebecca Probert
President, Society of Legal Scholars 2019/2020