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Convenors for Scotland & Ireland

The Society in Scotland

The Society has been active in Scotland since membership was extended beyond England and Wales in 1934.  The annual conference has been held in Scotland on several occasions, most recently in Edinburgh in 2013 under the Presidency of Prof. Hector McQueen.  The Convener for Scotland is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee to ensure that the Society is aware of developments and concerns in Scotland and s/he can be contacted to bring any matter to wider notice or to put individuals in contact with those taking the lead on relevant issues, such as the current discussions on open-access publishing.

Convenor for Scotland

Prof. Colin T. Reid, FRSA
Professor of Environmental Law,
University of Dundee,
Dundee DD1 4HN

Tel. +44 (0)1382  384637 (direct)  384461 (School)

Useful links

Scottish Parliament: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/
Scottish Government: http://home.scotland.gov.uk/
Law Society of Scotland: http://www.lawscot.org.uk/
Faculty of Advocates: http://www.advocates.org.uk/
Scottish Courts: http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/
Judiciary in Scotland: http://scotland-judiciary.org.uk
Scottish Law Commission: http://www.scotlawcom.gov.uk/
Scottish Information Commissioner: http://www.itspublicknowledge.info/home/ScottishInformationCommissioner.aspx
Scottish Human Rights Commission: http://www.scottishhumanrights.com/
Scottish Legal Action Group: http://www.scolag.org/
Stair Society: http://www.stairsociety.org/
Scottish Public Law Group: http://splg.co.uk/
Scottish Legal News: http://www.scottishlegal.com/

The Society in Ireland

The Society of Legal Scholars has approximately 130 members based at 12 universities and institutes of technology across Ireland. Several one-day SLS conferences have been held at Trinity College Dublin in recent years. Two of the Society’s centenary lectures were delivered at universities in Ireland. Professor Alan Dignam of Queen Mary University of London presented the first of these at Trinity College in 2011. John Larkin QC, Attorney General for Northern Ireland, gave his centenary lecture at Queen’s University Belfast in 2014. Professor Imelda Maher of University College Dublin was President of the SLS 2016-7, commencing October 1st 2016.  The 2017 Annual Conference was held for the first time in Ireland at UCD.

Convenor for Ireland

The SLS Convenor for Ireland is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee, who also has the role of ensuring that the Society is kept informed about developments affecting legal education and scholarship in Ireland, and seeking support from the Society on these matters when appropriate and required.

The Convenor for Ireland is currently Dr Desmond Ryan, and he very much welcomes contact from members on matters which they would like to be brought to the attention of the relevant SLS committees. He is contactable by email at desmond.ryan@tcd.ie or by telephone at +353 1896 8572 for this purpose

Dr. Desmond Ryan
School of Law
College Green
Trinity College
Dublin 2