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Getting involved in the SLS

There are many benefits to getting more involved with the SLS, including helping to shape the Society and, in part, the legal academy, as well as expanding your professional networks and supporting the Society’s broader work. There are several ways of getting involved in the Society.

The first step is to take part in the Society’s activities, which are organised and conducted in a respectful and inclusive way, reflecting the SLS’ valuing of and commitment to advancing equality, diversity, and inclusivity in legal academia.

One way of getting involved is by attending the Society’s annual conference and other events and engaging with the subject sections that best match your scholarly interests. All subject sections have a convenor and have access to funds to support the holding of events outside of the annual conference (the subject sections fund), and we encourage members to engage with their subject section convenors with ideas and proposals they might have for section activities. Attending the annual conference is an excellent way of getting to know other members and getting an insight into the Society.

The conference and its Doctoral Students Conference is a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive space where academics at all career stages are encouraged to engage with and present the newest work being developed by members. If you have ideas about how to make the Annual Conference more welcoming, or experience barriers to attendance, we encourage you to contact the President and the Chair of the EDI Committee who work together to enhance members’ experiences of this key part of the Society’s activities.

Many members will hope to intensify their engagement with the Society by taking on a more formal role. Opportunities to do so include becoming a member of Council, becoming a subject section convenor, becoming a member of a Committee, becoming a member of the Executive, and becoming an Officer.

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