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How to become a member of the Executive Committee

The Executive is a mixture of ex officio members (Officers and the editors of the Society’s publications–Legal Studies and The Reporter), and elected members. Vacancies on the Executive are advertised through the Society’s email newsletter. Any member who seeks to become a member of the Executive but does not have a proposer or seconder, is encouraged to contact any Officer or member of the Executive who will act as and support them in identifying further proposers and seconders.

What is the time commitment of being a member of the Executive?

The Executive meets three times a year, usually at the Institute of Advanced Studies in London or, during the pandemic, virtually. While the ex officio members of Executive are engaged in their work as officers between meetings, other members of the Executive may be engaged in special projects and other work between Executive meetings, with work usually not requiring more than a day a month.

How are Executive members supported?

The Executive receives administrative support from the Society’s secretary, Rosa Bladon. In addition, where in-person meetings are required, committee members’ travel expenses are reimbursed.