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Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

The Criminal Law and Criminal Justice section welcomes colleagues with an interest in criminal law and criminal justice from any perspective – whether that be doctrinal, philosophical, historical, comparative, socio-legal, criminological or policy-oriented. We are interested in colleagues working on domestic, transnational, international, and global crime issues. We are particularly interested in encouraging those with such research interests to submit papers for consideration for the Annual Conference, and / or to attend the subject section meetings. Graduate students undertaking research in the field of criminal law and criminal justice are especially encouraged. The section is committed to addressing topics of contemporary concern (such as those which are the subject of Law Commission consultation papers), and more general and timeless issues in the fields of criminal law and criminal justice.

Section Convenor

Javier Eskauriatza
University of Nottingham
Email: Javier.Eskauriatza@nottingham.ac.uk