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The International Law Section is open to members interested in any aspect of public or private international law. We welcome generalists, specialists, those interested in theory, those engaged in practice, established scholars, early career academics and doctoral students.

A meeting of the Section is always held at the Annual Conference. Over the years, papers have been presented on a wide variety of topics, as seen from the archive below. We also hold an annual seminar on ‘Theory and International Law’ in partnership with the British Institute of International and Comparative Law.

Please do share relevant events with the Section co-convenors. An email listing such events will be circulated on a periodic basis.

Section Co-convenors

Dr Solon Solomon
Brunel University London
Email: Solon.Solomon@brunel.ac.uk

Dr Saeed Bagheri
University of Reading
Email: saeed.bagheri@reading.ac.uk