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Legal History

The Legal History Section of the SLS exists to provide a forum for those interested in legal history, broadly conceived. The Section Co-Convenors firmly believe in the importance of legal history to the health of the study and practice of law, and thus see this Section as a particularly important one within the SLS, with its capacity to promote challenging and wide-ranging perspectives on where law stands today, and how its current position, reputation and future has been shaped by its history. Traditionally, legal history has focused on black letter law in a historical context; the SLS Legal History Section enthusiastically welcomes also as members those adopting a wide range of socio-legal and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of legal history. The Section provides information about events with a legal history dimension to them, and – particularly at the annual conference – it provides an arena for meeting, the discussion and exchange of ideas, experiences and information about resources etc. The Section Convenors will be pleased to help with any queries.

Section Co-convenors

Dr Cerian Griffiths
Email: cerian.griffiths@northumbria.ac.uk

Dr Caroline Derry
Email: caroline.derry@open.ac.uk