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Human Rights

The Human Rights Section invites participation from members interested in a wide range of issues related to its remit: this includes international human rights law, comparative human rights and all areas of domestic human rights protection. It welcomes papers concerned with the philosophical foundations of human rights and in recent years has had a particular concern with the constitutional protection of human rights, focusing on the Human Rights Act. It provides a forum for members interested in any of these areas to meet and give papers, generally of work in progress, with a view to stimulating debate. The emphasis is placed on providing plenty of space for lively discussion, rather than receiving long, formal papers.  The Section always meets at the Annual Conference and in some years has held an additional meeting at another time of year. It aims to be inclusive and so contributions from any academic angle or point of view are very welcome, as are members at advanced or early stages in their academic careers.

Section Co-Convenors

Dr Daniel Fenwick
Northumbria University
Email: daniel.p.fenwick@northumbria.ac.uk 

Dr Conall Mallory
Queens University Belfast
Email: c.mallory@qub.ac.uk