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Small Projects and Events Fund – reports

This is a selection of reports  received following successful applications to the Small Projects and Events fund.  The year relates to the year of the event rather than the application.


Conference, April 2022
Global Anti-Money Laundering Standards: Errors in Transplantation and Unintended Consequences for Developing Countries
Report: Dr Nkechikwu Valerie Azinge Report

Webinar, June 2022
Unexplained Wealth in Africa
Report: Dr Folashade Adeyemo Report

Conference, June 2022
Too Big to Convict? Corporate Criminal Liability – Challenges and Solutions
Report: Michala Meiselles Report

Conference, June 2022
Academic Integrity in the Law School: Past Experiences, Current Challenges, and Future Perspectives
Report: Dr Ilaria Zavoli Report

Conference, June 2022
International Law and Technological Progress
Report: Professor Irene Couzigou Report

Workshop, June 2022
Disrupting the Gendered Form: A PGR Workshop Facilitating Transformative Imaginations
Report: Zoe Tongue and Joy Twemlow Report

Conference, June/July 2022
Conference on the Future of Research and Pedagogy in Financial Law
Report: Dr Federico Lupo-Pasini and Dr Andreas Kokkinis

Conference, July 2022
Undoing Devolution by the Back Door? The Implications of the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020
Report: Dr Tom Hannant Report

Workshop, September 2022
Perspectives for Post-COVID 19 Recovery and Sustainable Development: A Law and Development Discourse
Report: Dr Augustine Arimoro Report

Seminar, September 2022
Beyond the Bench: Extra-judicial Engagement
Report: Dr Conall Mallory and Dr Hélène Tyrrell

Online Event, November 2022
Gender Based Violence: Reflections on the world envisaged in “After Dark” by Jayne Cowie
Report: Dr Claire Bessant and Miss Kayliegh Richardson Report

Conference, November 2022
Future Directions in Surrogacy Law
Report: Zaina Mahmoud, Dr Katherine Wade and Dr Kirsty Horsey Report


Workshop, September 2021
Planning Law: New Horizons
Report: Professor Carolyn Abbot Report

Conference, August 2021
Challenges to a Sustainable Recovery: International Law, Climate Change and Public Health
Report: Dr Petra Minnerop Report

Workshop, December 2021
The UK Earth Law Judgments Project
Report: Dr Helen Dancer and Dr Bonnie Holligan Report

Online conference, September 2021
International Criminal Justice in an Age of Misinformation
Report: Dr Birju Kotecha Report

Online conference, October 2021
Vulnerability across Disciplines
Report: Dr Timothy J. Dodsworth Report

Workshop, September 2021
Generating a future for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a post COVID-19 Pandemic World
Report: Ekhator and Onyejekwe Report

Virtual Workshop, November 2021
Law for All: Widening Access to Legal Education in the UK and Ireland
Report: Dr Andrew Godden Report Form

Online Symposium, 2021
Known Unknowns: Legal Responses to Intractable Uncertainties
Report: Dr Joanna McCunn Report

Webinars, 2020-21
Child Rights and Children of Foreign Fighters
Report: Professor Devyani Prabhat Report

Virtual conference, March 2021
“A regime fit for purpose? Corporate governance and insolvency in the 2020s” conference
Report: Dr Alison Lui and Dr Blanca Mamutse Report

Virtual conference, April 2021
The Legal Status of the Irish Language on the Island of Ireland: Past, Present, and Future
Report: Dr Róisín Á Costello Report

Virtual conference, April 2021
Vicarious Liability in the Common Law World
Report: Professor Paula Giliker Report Form 2021

Podcasts, 2020-21
ReImagine Law Podcast
Report: Frances Ridout Report

Patent Scholars Network, 2020-21
Report: Walsh, McMahon and Hawkins Report 2021

Virtual conference, May 2021
A regime fit for purpose? Corporate governance and insolvency in the 2020s
Report: Dr Alison Lui and Dr Blanca Mamutse Report


Workshops, December 2020
The International Economic Law (IEL) Collective: Teaching Workshops
Report: Dr Anil Yilmaz Vastardis Report 2020

Conference at Northumbria University, February 2020
Hate Propaganda at International Criminal Tribunals: Current Socio-Legal and Evidentiary Challenges in Prosecuting Atrocity Speech at International Criminal Tribunals
Report: Prof. Mohamed Badar and Mr. Daley Birkett Report

Conference at University of Leicester, January 2020
When Blockchain Meets Arbitration: the Birth of Decentralized Justice
Report: Dr Rossana Deplano Report

Virtual conference, July 2020
Covid-19 and Public International Law Virtual Conference
Report: Dr Donna Lyons Report


Conference at Coventry University, June 2019
Rethinking Property Approaches in Resources for the Circular Economy
Report: Dr Katrien Steenmans, Prof Rosalind Malcolm and Prof Alison Clarke Report

Conference at University of Bristol, September 2019
Decolonisation & the Law School
Report: Dr Foluke Adebisi Report

Seminar at Northumbria Law School, March 2019
Power Imbalance: Adult Victims in the Criminal Justice System
Report: Dr Nicola Wake Report

Conference at University of Manchester, June 2019
Healthcare Disparities: Disruptive healthcare technologies and the patient
Report: Professor Nicola Glover-Thomas Report

Conference at QMUL, March 2019
Law Drafting and Law Reform in Small Jurisdictions
Report: Dr Caroline Morris Report

Workshop at University of East Anglia, June 2019
Good Governance and Foreign Investment In Natural Resources
Report: Tarcisio Gazzini Report

Seminar at Northumbria University, September 2019
The Legal Research Agenda for Medicine, Capacity and Mental Health: A Gap Analysis
Report: Carole Burrell and Nicola Wake Report

Workshop at Birkbeck University, London, September 2019
Divorce Reform Act 1969: Reflecting On Fifty Years
Report: Professor Daniel Monk, Jo Miles and Professor Rebecca Probert Report 

Conference at University of Dundee, September 2019
Elements of a ‘European’, ‘International’, ‘Global’ Climate Consensus after Paris?
Report: Dr Petra Minnerop Report

Conference at University of Sheffield, December 2019
The Changing Character of International Dispute Settlement
Report: Professor Nicholas Tsagourias Report


Workshop at University of Essex, September 2018
Researching administrative power
Report: Professor Peter Cane and Dr Yseult Marique Report

Workshop at University of Bristol, November 2018
Intersectionality in Human Rights Law Workshop
Report: Dr Shreya Atrey and Dr Peter Dunne Report

Workshop at University of Leicester, January 2018
The Neglected Methodologies of International Law: Empirical, Socio-Legal and Comparative.  £1400 award.
Report: Dr Rossana Deplano and Dr Paolo Vargiu (University of Leicester)

Conference at Bristol University, June 2018
Criminality at Work.  £3000 award.
Report: Dr Jennifer Collins Report Collins_2018Dec.

Workshop at University of East Anglia – December 2017
Big Health data and Social Media: Legal and Ethical Challenges.  Award £2000
Report: Professor Tarcisco Gazzini

Conference at Northumbria University, September 2018
Same-Sex Relationships, A New Revolutionary Era and the Influence of Legal and Social Change
£2250 award plus a further £1250 to reschedule the conference following the forced cancellation of the planned conference in March due to adverse weather.
Report: Hamilton.LaDeiga.Graham_NorthumbriaSept2018

Workshop University of Manchester, 13th – 15th June 2019
PhD workshop prior to a Health Law conference: Healthcare disparities, disruptive healthcare technologies and the patient.   Award £4000
Report: Dr Maria Sheppard (QMUL)

Workshop Constitutional Legacies of Empire.   Award £3300
Report: Dr Paul Scott, Glasgow


Workshop at Keele University – December 2017
Big Health data and Social Media: Legal and Ethical Challenges
Report: Dr Maria Tzanou

Workshop – University of East Anglia July 2017
The Future of International Courts
Report: Dr Avidan Kent

Two day conference – April 2017
University of Exeter Law School, June 2018

Intellectual Property in transitions – (Re)imagining intellectual property
Report: Naomi Hawkins and Mathilde Pavis

Workshop at Durham University – May 2017
Listening for Justice: An Interdisciplinary Conversation
Report: Dr Catherine Turner & Professor Anthony Bash

(1) Forum Website
(2) Inaugural Conference 5 April 2018, Nottingham Trent University
Establishment of the Partnership, LLP and LLC Law Academic Forum
Report: Elspeth Berry, Nottingham Trent University

University of Leeds Conference
Secured Transactions Law Reform
D.Sheehan_Secured Transactions Law Reform Conference SLS Report

UWE one-day Seminar
The Impact of Armed Conflict on the Environment and Natural Resources: A Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 Perspective.
O.Das, UWE Seminar Report

Axis of Protection: Human Rights in International Law Series
Report on activities in 2016-17
Axis of Protection Report 2016-17 series

Critical Law and Corporate Social Responsibility Network Conference
Critical Law and Corporate Crime.
CLCSR Conference Report – Canterbury Christchurch University 7th June 2017

WG Hart Legal Workshop 2017
Law, Society and Administration in a Changing World
WG Hart Legal Workshop 2017


Workshop, University of Strathclyde on 21 October 2016.
Theories of Domination and Labour Law: A New Conception for Legal Intervention?
Report: Rebecca Zahn (University of Strathclyde) and David Cabrelli (University of Edinburgh)

Two day conference January 2016, Brussels
Health Systems and EU Law and Policy: the state of the art and direction of Travel
Tamara Hervey, Jean Monnet EU Professor of Law, University of Sheffield

University of Strathclyde Postgraduate Law Conference
Visualising the Law
Strathclyde PGR Law Conference SLS Report

International Economic Law in Context Workshop Series
Rethinking International Investment Law: Civic Advocacy,  Representation and Participation in the International Investment Regime
C.Tan_Warwick_Workshop Report-SLS

Axis of Protection: Human Rights in International Law Series
Report on activities in 2015-16
Axis of Protection Report 2015-16 series


Research Seminar
Philosophical Foundations of Children’s and Family Law
L Ferguson – Phil Foundations Childrens Family Law – SLS Report – 2015 12


Labour Standards and Sustainable Development: Unpicking the EU’s Approach
Mangan Report 2014

Inaugural workshop
Women’s Legal Landmarks
WLLSLS Legal Scholarship Fund Report