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Education Committee

The function of the Society’s Legal Education Subcommittee is to initiate and inform debate among members of the Society (and by others) about current issues in legal education.  The Subcommittee also contributes to responses, on behalf of the Society, to consultation papers and other documents about legal education emanating from the Bar Council, Law Society, HEFCE, QAA and other bodies. You will find more information about the committee’s work on this page. Members are elected to the committee each year, in accordance with the Society’s constitution. Anyone who would be interested in becoming a member of the Subcommittee should please contact Stephen Bailey, Chair of the SLS Legal Education Committee, via email Stephen.Bailey@nottingham.ac.uk or the Hon. Secretary of the Society.

Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF): Subject Level Consultation Response May 2018

Please follow this link to view.

Solicitors Regulation Authority: The SLS Response

The following link takes you to the SRA’s information, where you can find more recent SLS responses to each consultation phase, along with other responses: https://www.sra.org.uk/sra/policy/training-for-tomorrow/resources.page.

Older SLS Responses to SRA Consultations are available here.

For an interesting critique of one phase of the SRA Consultation see Elaine Hall (2017): Notes on the SRA report of the consultation on the Solicitors Qualifying Exam: “Comment is free, but facts are sacred”, The Law Teacher, DOI: 10.1080/03069400.2017.1335977 here

Bar Standards Board: The SLS Response

The following link takes you to the Bar Standards Board’s information:

The SLS responses to the Bar Standards Board are available here.

Legal Education and Training Review: The SLS Response

The SLS has responded to each phase of the LETR, and will continue to do so.  The responses are available here.

Consultations by other bodies and other position papers on legal education

If the SLS has responded to other legal education consultations, copies of responses are available here.

For further information about any other legal education consultations, please contact Fiona Cownie, Chair of the SLS Legal Education Committee, via email F.Cownie@keele.ac.uk

Brexit and the Law School: Legal Education aspects

The SLS funded a series of workshops on Brexit and the Law School. Outputs from the project (which ranges beyond legal education) are available here.

The Strathclyde workshop led to the creation of a learning and teaching resource here. This is primarily aimed at Scottish ‘ordinary’ EU law courses, but includes useful material and hyperlinks to further resources for teachers of EU law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Other useful resources include:

  • a blog  also published in The Reporter, by Professors Catherine Barnard and Paul Craig
  • a presentation from the SRA about EU law in English law schools post-Brexit
  • a video aimed at explaining to students why studying EU law remains important
  • a module on ‘the law of leaving the EU’ run by Liverpool (contact Michael Dougan Dougan@liverpool.ac.uk)
  • a presentation considering whether a comparison between EU law and Roman law is appropriate