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Subscription Policy

Early Career and other concessions

The SLS Council have authorised changes to the concessions in subscription fees.  For members joining after June 2018, a two-thirds reduction in membership fee will be applied in the following circumstances:

  • Members who join while studying for a doctorate will receive six years’ discounted membership from the date of application.
  • Members who join within their first six years of starting a full-time academic position will receive up to six years’ discounted membership from the date they first started their full-time role, i.e., if you join four years after starting in your first full-time post you will receive two years’ discounted membership.
  • Members who are employed part-time in a teaching posting in a qualifying institution will be eligible for six years’ discounted membership from the date of application.

For existing members who joined before June 2018, the concessions remain as they were at the time of joining: the two-thirds reduction in fee applies for early-career academics while studying for a doctorate or within the first four years of starting their first full-time academic position, or those who are employed part-time in a teaching post in a qualifying institution.


Subscription payments and arrears payments both receive relief from taxation within the United Kingdom.  The Society is listed as an approved learned society for tax relief here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/professional-bodies-approved-for-tax-relief-list-3 under the heading ‘Legal Scholars in the UK and Ireland Society of’.

Convenor discount

Council has agreed that in recognition of their contribution to the Society, members who later become convenors will receive a 50% discount in their subscription while acting as convenor or co-convenor. The discount does not apply to deputy convenors

Discount for institutional membership

We would like to draw the attention of Heads of Law Schools and Departments to Council’s decision to grant rebates where departments pay for their staff to be members. The rebates vary depending on how many members are included.

The rebates are:

1+ members    = 10% discount
80+ members  = 15% discount
120+ members  = 20% discount

If you would like to pursue this possibility, please contact the Honorary Treasurer at treasurer@legalscholars.ac.uk