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The Jurisprudence section aims to offer an opportunity for members interested in any aspect of the theory and philosophy of law to meet and discuss ideas. The section is open to all schools of thought and intellectual traditions. A meeting of the section is always held at the Annual Conference. In recent years, papers have been presented on various topics, ranging from analytical and normative jurisprudence to theoretical engagement with substantive law: the diversity of subject matter can be seen from the archive below.

Contributions from established scholars are very welcome, and the section has a proud record of encouraging the involvement of early career academics and doctoral researchers. The section is willing to lend its support to members in any way it can. A digest advertising events of potential interest to members can be circulated to the section: if you would like to publicise an event, or have any suggestions, please contact the Convenor.

Section Co-convenors

Dr Alex Green
University of York
Email: alex.green@york.ac.uk 

Dr Joshua Jowitt
Newcastle University
Email: joshua.jowitt@ncl.ac.uk