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SLS issue a statement in support of Ukraine

11th March 2022

We are shocked and saddened by the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  The invasion is a clear violation of Article 2.4 of the United Nations Charter.  We are gravely concerned for the Ukrainian people and condemn the acts of aggression brought against them.  Millions of people have been displaced, injured or killed as a result of this aggression. This ongoing violation of international law must end and the human rights, democracy and freedom of Ukraine must be preserved.  We acknowledge the bravery of those Russians who have, at risk to their own safety, spoken out against this invasion.  Ending the invasion of Ukraine and the restoration of peace will only arise through the coordinated actions of people, institutions and governments around the world.  Relationships between states must be shaped by legal principles within an international legal order.

The Society of Legal Scholars recognises the work of Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics).  Cara’s work includes support for Ukrainian academics and, also, Russian academics at risk because of their opposition to the invasion.  Individual donations can be made to their ’10 x 20’ Fundraising Appeal at https://www.cara.ngo/10-x-20-appeal/ .  Donations to this appeal will increase Cara’s capacity to deal with the Ukraine crisis.  Academics at-risk because of the current crisis in the Ukraine can apply to Cara for assistance at https://www.cara.ngo/get-support/ .