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SLS 112th Annual Conference – Date Announced

17th December 2020

The SLS is pleased to announce our 112th annual conference will take place at Durham University from 31 August – 3 September 2021 under the presidency of Professor Thom Brooks.  Professor Brooks shared the following message:

“The conference has no overarching theme to promote greater inclusivity of legal scholarship across all areas. The full range of 28 subject sections will be offered in parallel sessions, with 14 subject sessions in each half of the conference and four 90-minute sessions for each subject section.

Like last year, we will hold a special set of parallel sessions for doctoral students to showcase their work, in addition to their being free to submit papers for other sessions. All delegates will be strongly encouraged to participate in these sessions. We will also continue the mentorship programme launched last year with great success to further support our early career researcher community.

Our previous conference was moved entirely online. While we look forward to being together for a mostly residential event, we also welcome the greater accessibility for some colleagues that participating online-only allows. As a consequence, we will allow remote participation by both speakers and delegates to enable wider access while returning to a mostly on-site conference.

We welcome our publisher exhibitors back and there will be opportunities for delegates to have one-on-one conversations with publishers about their work as well as with other delegates.”

The conference website will be updated on a regular basis with new information.