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‘Make the News’ Competition

Want more people to hear about your research? Learn more about how to pitch your research to the media

The opportunity is simple. Tell us why your research is potentially newsworthy.

Pitch a brief outline (2 pages maximum) of your research idea and why it might be of interest to a wider audience as part of a short radio piece or newspaper story. Think about what is your hook that makes your insight distinctive and possibly timely. Reflect on why this should appeal to a broader audience whether local, national or global.

Then tell a story that is simple and clear. A solid concrete illustration can help bring these stories to life. Always be yourself – personality and enthusiasm can be a powerful combination.

We will pick the top five submissions and arrange for our members to pitch these to our expert panel – Joshua Rozenberg, Catherine Baksi and Thom Brooks – who will ask questions and provide individual feedback for how to take ideas forward based on their extensive experience.

A unique experience to learn more about getting your research noticed by a wider audience, and in a supportive environment hosted by the Society of Legal Scholars.

The competition is open to all Early Career Researchers no more than 10 years from earning a PhD or equivalent.

Deadline is 1 November 2020.  Please complete the application form and return to the SLS Administrative Secretary, Rosa Bladon: admin@legalscholars.ac.uk

Competition Winners

Peter Dunne (Bristol) – “(Trans)forming English Family”

Anne-Marie Greenslade (Leeds Beckett) – “The ‘Burning Injustice’ of Modern Slavery”

Caroline Henaghan (Manchester) – “A New Legal Defence for ‘That Crime of the Month'”?

Eden Sarid (Essex) – “Freeing Our Cultural Treasures from a Copyright Limbo”

About the judges:

Joshua Rozenberg QC (hon) worked for many years at the BBC launching Law in Action on BBC Radio before moving to The Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and The Guardian. He now writes for the Law Society Gazette and The Critic as well as having return to the BBC’s Law in Action. He is an honorary bencher of Gray’s Inn. @JoshuaRozenberg

Catherine Baksi worked for the Law Gazette and was a barrister before moving freelance to The Times and The Guardian. She is the author of the website Legal Hackette’s Brief. @legalhackette

Thom Brooks is President of the Society of Legal Scholars. He is Dean of Durham Law School and a Professor of Law and Government. He has written for The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, The New Statesman, The Times and others with frequent appearances on BBC News, BBC’s Newsnight, CNN, ITV News, Sky News and others.

Please direct any questions to Professor Thom Brooks (thom.brooks@durham.ac.uk)