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Lecture: EFTA and the EEA for Brexit – ideal solution, “lifeboat” or neither?

Tuesday 22nd January 2019
A110, College Building, City, University of London, St John Street, London EC1V 4PB

Much has been said since the UK announced its intention to withdraw from the EU as to the future relationship between it and the EU. In particular, there have been many different arguments for or against Britain (re-) joining EFTA, alongside arguments also for or against Britain becoming a member of the EEA (the ‘Norway solution’).

In this talk, EFTA and the EEA will be explained, with a focus especially on what they are and what they are not. In particular, points of discussion will include the free movement of persons, the customs union and Ireland. The influence of the Court of Justice will also be discussed to demonstrate in particular show how the Court system works in the EEA. The idea, however, is not to lobby for a political solution but rather to help the public better understand what it would mean to (re-) join EFTA and the EEA and whether that really is what one expects from Brexit, or not.


  • Dr Georges Baur, Research Fellow with the Liechtenstein-Institute, formerly Assistant Secretary-General of EFTA

Georges Baur holds a doctorate from the University of Zurich and is admitted to the Swiss Bar as an attorney. He has published on various issues of European and international law.

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