Society of Legal Scholars

Conference: Law and the digital age

  • Friday 19th January 2018
  • Qatar

CALL FOR PAPERS:  Deadline 10 November 2017. 

The College of Law at Qatar University’s Sixth Annual Conference will be held from 19-20 February 2018 in partnership with Qatar University’s College of Engineering and the State of Qatar’s Ministry of Communications and Transport.

The conference will adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to explore the soft and hard legal regulation of digital technology. The benefits of rapid digital technological development are enormous – be it in banking, healthcare, communications, cultural understanding, etc – but so are the dangers of inadequate regulation. In an age of fake news, cybersecurity, international disputes, natural disasters, the time is apt to bring experts from relevant fields to deliberate on the role of the law in the regulation of a digital world.

Further details at: Call for papers – law in the digital age.