Society of Legal Scholars

Peter Birks Prizes for Outstanding Legal Scholarship

About the Prizes

Each year the Society offers two prizes for outstanding published books by scholars in their early careers. The prizes will be presented at the annual dinner of the Society at the Annual Conference. The value of the prizes will be £1,000 for the first prize and £300 for the second prize. The judges may decide to award one prize or not to award a prize, or may decide to divide the whole sum or either prize between two winners. The judges will be the President of the Society, the Vice-President and the Immediate Past President. They will be entitled to take advice from such professorial members of the Society as they see fit. The following notice concerns the arrangements for the award of the Peter Birks Prizes. It is expected that the publishers of the nominated books will provide three copies, one for each of the three judges, and these will not be returned. It is also the intention that after the full list of nominated books has been submitted to the Executive Committee, it will be placed on the Society’s website.

The shortlist will also be placed on the website once determined by the judges, which should be one month before the Annual Conference. The rules are strictly adhered to and are attached.

Particularly note the rules regarding membership of the Society, nomination and the need for the author’s consent. Nominations, including the nominated books, should be sent to the Administrative Secretary, Sally Thomson, before the closing date.

Download: Peter Birks Prizes Rules (Revised 2014).

Birks Book Prize Winners 2017

Devyani Prabhat (Bristol)  is the winner of the Peter Birks Book Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship (2017) for Unleashing the Force of Law; Legal Mobilization, National Security, and Basic Freedoms. (Palgrave MacMillan).

Runner-up: Alysia Blackham (Melbourne) for Extending Working Life for Older Workers: Age Discrimination Law, Policy and Practice.  (Hart Publishing)

Birks Book Prize Winners 2016

Jason Varuhas, (Melbourne) is the winner of the Peter Birks Book Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship (2016) for Damages and Human Rights (Hart Publishing).

There were two joint runners up: Janina Dill, for Legitimate Targets? Social Construction, International Law and US Bombing (Cambridge University Press) and Sandy Steel, for Proof of Causation in Tort Law (Cambridge University Press).