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Blog Post from the new Editors of Legal Studies @legalscholars

1st June 2016

The editorial responsibilities of Legal Studies will be moving to a new Board located at the University of Manchester’s School of Law.  Its membership consists of:  Professor Margot Brazier, OBE, QC (hon.), FBA; Dr Elaine Dewhurst; Professor Nicola Glover-Thomas; Dr Philip Handler; Professor Robert Thomas; and Dr Bruce Wardhaugh.  Nicola Glover-Thomas will serve as Editor-in-Chief, and Dr John Pearson will serve as the Associate Editor to assist the Board.  Phil Handler will also act as Book Review Editor.

The new team is eager to take over its responsibilities, and will be trained on Wiley’s ScholarOne manuscript submission and article management system later in June.  Once training is complete, the new Board will assume editorial responsibly for all new submissions.

The new Board would like to thank the present editorial team of Legal Studies (Imelda Maher, Blanaid Clarke, Fiona de Londras and Colin Scott) for their assistance in making the transition as smooth as possible; and to congratulate them on their five years of quality work.

The new Board recognises that it is the steward of Legal Studies, and do not intend to make any dramatic changes that could compromise the quality of the journal, thereby undermining the hard work of past editorial boards.

In this light, the new Board proposes to continue Legal Studies’ policy of seeking articles of the highest quality which reflect the entire range of legal scholarship, whether this be doctrinal, conceptual, socio-legal, or other in focus.  Likewise, articles focusing on jurisprudential issues, historical developments (including historical accounts) and comparative approaches are welcome.  The Board is also actively seeking doctrinal pieces, particularly in commercial law.

If you wish to discuss a possible submission, the Board welcomes your inquiry – please feel free to email any of its members.  The Board members will be attending the SLS Conference in Oxford.  We would welcome discussing possible submissions or even just generally chatting about life in (or outside of) legal academia.

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