Society of Legal Scholars

Research Activities Fund

The Society of Legal Scholars supports legal research and scholarship through the Research Activities Fund (administered by the Research Grants Committee). Each year the Society sets aside a fund (currently £20,000) available for research grants in the coming year.

Applications are invited each year from members of the Society. Applications will be invited for the next round as from 1 January and must be received by the Administrative Secretary, by email, no later than 5.00pm on the first Monday of March.

Notes for Applicants

Please read the Fund Application Rules and the Guidance Notes before you apply. The Referees’ Pro Forma should be used. If you are awarded a grant you will be required to send a report to the Administrative Secretary, using the Report Form, when your project is completed. This will be published in The Reporter and on the website.

Applications must be made in accordance with the rules on the standard Application Form.