Society of Legal Scholars

Symposium: Regulating the Corporation and New Morally Significant Technologies

  • Tuesday 12th June 2018
  • Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

Biotechnology and advances in AI promise the advent of new forms of life, maybe even ‘conscious’, reasoning creatures as intelligent and as sapient as Homo sapiens. Dr David Lawrence and Dr Sarah Morley have received funding from the Wellcome Trust to conduct a project (Regulating the Tyrell Corporation: Company Law and the Emergence of Novel Beings) of research into this area, with a specific focus on controlling companies development of these beings via regulation.

Through a number of events a new network of expertise will be created in order to consider these future technological developments and suggest practical legal definitions for the status of both conscious and unconscious novel beings, in service of later developing and providing proposals for appropriate regulation for the responsible development, operation, and disposal of the technologies.

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