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A. General Enquiries.

Please direct any general enquiries that you may have to the Society's Administrator Mrs Sally Thomson:

All enquiries other than those concerning membership should be addressed to:

Mrs Sally Thomson
Administrative Secretary, The Society of Legal Scholars
School of Law
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom
Tel: 023 8059 4039 (direct line, with voice mail)
Fax: 023 8059 3024
(Note that Sally does not collect mail other than when she is at her desk on Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

B. Membership Enquiries or Questions.

Enquiries and questions  about membership/subscriptions should be addressed to the Hon Treasurer:

Professor Lucy Vickers.
Society of Legal Scholars,
PO Box 3017.
Bristol BS6 9HJ.


C. The President of the Society.

The President of the SLS during 2015-2016 is Professor Andrew Burrows QC (Oxford). Email:

D. The Hon Secretary.

The Hon. Secretary of the Society is Professor Richard Taylor (UCLAN) who can be reached via: or via snail mail to Sally Thomson above.

Items for the SLS Newsletter should be sent please to the Hon. Secretary:

E. The Subject Sections Secretary.

Please see the Subject Section Pages for further details.

F. The Editor of the SLS Reporter.

Professor Catharine MacMillan, of Reading University, is Editor of the SLS Reporter. Please contact her via

G. The Editors of Legal Studies.

Please see the Legal Studies pages for further details.

H. Website and Web Administration.

Web Administrator: Day-to-Day Maintenance and Updating

Please send notices of updates etc to

Webmaster: Oversight and Development

Mr Richard Edwards, Exeter, is the Society's webmaster:

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