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The Amicus Journal has issued a call for papers. Papers must be submitted by Saturday June 30 2012.

Dear Colleagues We attach for dissemination a Call for Papers for Amicus Journal, a leading reporter on the significant issues affecting capital punishment worldwide, which provides a forum for dialogue on issues concerning the death penalty and related topics. The Journal includes articles written by academics and practitioners on current legal issues and on the death penalty from the perspective of disciplines other than law. There is a section of the journal dedicated to selected articles, which are peer reviewed. The journal also features news from around the world, case reports, book reviews, and front line reportage from interns working in capital defence offices. The Journal is published up to three times a year, with the possibility of a fourth issue if there is sufficient material and resources permit. We welcome articles concerning legal issues relating to the death penalty and extra-judicial killings in all jurisdictions around the world. We welcome submissions engaging in the disciplines of philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics, politics, religion, feminism, anthropology and literature. Selected articles are subject to a peer-review process. We also welcome case reports, intern reports from death penalty offices, and reviews of books which concern the death penalty, both academic and literature. We shall be publishing Letters to the Editor and we encourage contributors to engage in a dialogue with all aspects of the death penalty, and also to comment on the Amicus Journal and the Amicus charity. Please send letters or other contributions to either of the Joint Editors, Randall Coyne at or Thomas MacManus at Fór details

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