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Conference: The role of law in meeting contemporary global challenges: Closing date Saturday 15 April 2017.
Conference: Migration and Global Justice: Closing date Sunday 30 April 2017.
Conference: Emerging Issues and Challenges in Commercial Law: Closing date Sunday 30 April 2017.
Conference:  Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference 2017 (Call for Posters): Closing date Friday 5 May 2017.
Workshop: Forty Years On From ‘The Political Constitution’ – Reflections on Law, Politics and Authority in J.A.G. Griffith’s Chorley Lecture: Closing date Friday 31 May 2017.
Conference: Timeliness and timelessness – Corporate governance and regulatory challenges after the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and Brexit: Closing date Monday 26 June 2017.
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law – Special Issue on Representations of Law Justice and the Subject in engreages: Call for submissions deadline Friday 30 June 2017.
19th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law: Closing date Friday 1 December 2017.

Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education: Rolling call
Journal of Trafficking and Human Exploitation: Rolling call
Modern Law Review Forum:  Rolling call

The International Review of Law, College of Law, Qatar University
Call for Papers

International Review of Law

(ISSN: 2223-859X)

Dr. Eduardo Pereira and Professor Talal Al-Emadi will edit a special issue on “Investments, transactions and disputes in the energy sector.”

About the special issue:
A variety of natural resources are affected by the low prices of their commodities and this has a natural effect on energy investments, transactions and disputes.

International Review of Law (IRL) encourages the submission of relevant papers, studies, and comments on various aspects of this subject. In particular, it seeks to focus on current and emerging legal frameworks governing investments, transactions and disputes in the energy sector, including international, regional and national legal frameworks. Potential topics could cover issues such as: regulation and governance; the role of international law and bodies, including multilateral, regional and/or bilateral agreements; the adequacy of legal regimes; the role of industry-based standards and guidelines; and issues of legal liability, dispute resolution and governing law. We welcome comparative legal approaches and multidisciplinary approaches to the topic. This special edition also seeks submissions of papers and studies on any other general or specific topics of interest that are relevant to investments, transactions and dispute in the energy sector.

The deadline for the submission of papers is 1 May 2017.  Submit at the following link:

International Review of Law is a bilingual, open-access, peer-reviewed international law journal published by HBKU Press.

All submissions will be subject to double-blind peer-review. Submissions are accepted in both English and Arabic. Articles of between 6,000 and 10,000 words are preferred but shorter or longer articles may be considered. Policy Notes are also welcome with insights from practitioners, industry or civil society. Authors should follow the manuscript preparations guidance available on