Society of Legal Scholars

Bar Standards Board: The SLS Response

The SLS response to the BSB consultation paper ‘Consultation on Future Bar Training: Shaping the education and training requirements for prospective barristers’ is available here November 2017.

The SLS response to the LSB invitation to comment on the SRA’s performance on all the regulatory standards and in particular its approach to education and training is available here November 2017.

The SLS response to the BSB consultation paper on ‘Future Bar Training’ is available here January 2017.

The SLS response to the BSB Consultation on ‘The Future of Training For The Bar Standards Board’ consultation paper on ‘The Future Of Training For The Bar: Academic, Vocational And Professional Stages Of Training’ is available here October 2015.

The SLS response to the Consultation on Deferral Call by Bar Standards Board July 2006.

Training for Practice at the Bar: SLS Response February 2004.