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University of Leeds: Research and Teaching Scholarship

25th May 2017

CLOSING DATE: 1 June 2017.

This is a prestigious School-funded award with both a research and training component. The successful applicant will register with the University for a three-year programme of study for a PhD degree, receiving regular academic supervision, support and research training throughout. They will also be expected to undertake a specified amount of undergraduate teaching and academic support to students in each year of study as directed by the School, as well as a modest amount of marking in the final year of their studies. The scholarship provides a maintenance grant of £11,000, plus a payment for teaching and/or other academic duties up to £3,500. Please note that the teaching work payment may count as taxable income, whereas the maintenance payment is tax-free.

Applications are invited from any area of law or criminology/criminal justice broadly consummate with the research supervision expertise currently available in the School. However, the School is particularly interested in receiving applications in the areas of private law (contract, tort, unjust enrichment and Chancery subjects) as well as legal education and the legal profession. Potential applicants should consult the School’s list of Research Supervisory Expertise

For more information contact Duncan Sheehan ( the Postgraduate Research Tutor.

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