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Plenary Videos from SLS Conference, Oxford 2016 – Baroness Hale @UKSupremeCourt, @Law_Commission & @scotlawcom, #Brexit & more

28th September 2016

We have made available videos of the plenary sessions from our Annual Conference in Oxford in September 2016. The theme of the Conference, led by our President Professor Andrew Burrows, was ‘Legislation and the Role of the Judiciary’.

The four sessions were:

1. Modern Statutory Interpretation (Chair: Lady Justice Arden Professor John Bell (Cambridge), Lord Justice Sales, Daniel Greenberg (former Parliamentary Counsel))

2. Legislation or Judicial Law Reform: Where Should Judges Fear to Tread? (A keynote address by Baroness Hale DPSC, with a response from Professor Robert Stevens, chaired by Beatson LJ)

3. The Present and Future Work of the Law Commissions (Chair: Judge Elizabeth Cooke Lord Justice Bean (Chair of the Law Commission for England and Wales), Lord Pentland (Chair of the Scottish Law Commission), Professors Ormerod, Hopkins, and MacQueen)

4. The Legal Implications of Brexit (Chair of Panel Discussion: Andrew Burrows Panellists: John Armour, Nick Barber, Anne Davies, Graeme Dinwoodie, Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Liz Fisher, Angus Johnston, Glen Loutzenhiser, Alison Young, Steve Weatherill, Rebecca Williams)

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